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 03OCT tons more mining... tons more animals

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03OCT tons more mining... tons more animals Empty
PostSubject: 03OCT tons more mining... tons more animals   03OCT tons more mining... tons more animals EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 3:14 am

LOADING up those farms! Smile, when does 1.9 come? those animals are going to multiply like crazy! Razz

we mined out like 6-7 more stacks of iron and i ended up making 16 stacks of railroad, started just throwing down rail everywhere to many more animals this time in the west and southern forests of the tree house

We had a new member today, I seriously banned him within about 2 minutes talking to him!! epic failure!, he started a small wood house and i left it there, it is now a historical landmark, LOL.

Also: I learned that dumping water on the rails will just wash them up! JEEEEEEeeez and when I wanted to remove them i was sitting there hiting them by hand like a JACK ASS!!. Now I am MUCH more generous when throwing down rail cause i know its very easy to get them all back up now Smile Smile
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03OCT tons more mining... tons more animals
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