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PostSubject: Paulie1333   Paulie1333 EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 9:11 am

Hey Guys, Im Back!

I noticed that the server was reset and im happy because I can help building the house/town/village Smile

I like to contribute Smile

Hopefully, I'll be on tommoro! and can someone tell me where we are building because I spawned in the middle of no where, Please and Thankyou ! Smile

Sincerly, Paulie
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PostSubject: Re: Paulie1333   Paulie1333 EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 1:39 pm

glad you like it,andd sorry i didnt have your name up already... you were not very active!

we are building 120, 200

but we have a plan for it so dont do anything there until you understand whats going on....

That whole island is going to be like an animal breeding farm, then underground a vault, then under that wheat farm, tree farm, and more farms going down all in a stack, then railways that will go up and down the farms like in a corkscrew so all the resources are tight to gethor and centric upon the vault, and then from there we branch out into other projects! Razz
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