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 Qh0rnes application BIO

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PostSubject: Qh0rnes application BIO   Qh0rnes application BIO EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 11:33 am

Figured it is only fair that I fill out my own application if I am seeking a team of equals!

Minecraft experience: Played for maybe a month perhaps a year ago, was building a giant castle with my bro phil and his friend legitly, .. then i learned how to dupe stone using a bug exploit :/ woops! hehe.. started back up about 2 months ago, on single player a lot at first, then decided to get a server!

Ability to learn if inexperienced: I can learn anything. Especially about minecraft Razz

AGE: 30

willingness to use voice chat (yes/explain why not): FORGET typing 24/7!!!!!

willingness to participate on a forum for the server (yes/explain why not):
Absolutely! Awesome way to bring cohesion amongst the players! I can be offline for a day and still know whats been going on, or what new projects we are working on!

Minecraft strengths: Farming, replicating mechanisms on youtube, research ability, persistance and patience on certain projects, can be a perfectionist at times, resource management, ability to learn more complex redstone designs (took two years of technical electronics, and understand logic gates) for now ive just only made practical things which mostly consisted of single circuits in parallel or in series.., building things that are practical and functional

Mining and cave exploring: Also too easy, only a few dangers that are very easily avoidable:
getting lost;know how to use coordinates and dont leave yourself with not enough pickax to dig a path back, starvation;bring enough food come back before you run out,
lava;dont fall in it always;asume lava is behind each block,
Monsters; listen for them;use blocks to protect yourself;dig yourself to highground drop sand or lava on them;throw torches everywhere;use a bow;and more..
getting to high places: carry ladders, use dirt/rock, dig a staircase, you can scale a wall with a bucket of water even (never tried it but just thought of it)
going to low places: dig staircase, use shift and blocks to scale stairs downward on ledges, use water, free fall while placing ladders mid air, fall into water, many ways!

mob combat. Mob combat is incredibly easy, I dont find anything in this game difficult mechanics wise. I seem to be the only person that thinks creepers are a joke, yeah they are the most difficult and annoying mob but still.. you can kill them naked with bare hands on an open field, not to mention ways to counter them proactively such as moats/light etc. Spiders are also easy I can kill a large spider, naked, without losing a single heart... just have to know the techniques - which i have a knack for easily discovering. I taught a 10 year old how to kill the large spider with bare hands and not getting wounded, i mean c'mon... Especially on desert biome, i can take out an army while being naked to include skeletons. I cant do it very QUICKLY but it can be done VERY EASILY!!. Also, one word, sprint punching..!! that is all.

minecraft weaknesses: Have not made any intricately/detailed or grandiose architecture.. As I said my strength is in the logical mechanics of the game, all of the rest is artistic creativity and design! I honestly maybe just need to try it! I think I may be able to do better than i think... Another weakness, also listed as a strength: can be a perfectionist at times, also I expect a lot out of players, for each player on the server there is about 10 applications i overlooked or failed tryouts. This is probably a strength though as I like to ensure a solid team ( I dont have very many player slots!!), Sometimes I have so many projects I want to work on I don't know what to do first so I will just do something else productive like branchmine or tend to the farms, organise the vault...

Other game experiences or online groups past/present: Been playing games since I can remember, atari, consoles, computers, REAL RPGs (DnD, shadowrun, Toon), table top hobby games, was in top clan in north america for quake1, had the best necromancy in diabloII USWEST HARDCORE, best archmage on one of the servers for warhammer online, can play chess blindfolded, strength is in speed chess, me and my brothers where the most retardedly rich players in utlima online a year after it came out even though we had no idea how to 'play' the actual game LOL - we just sold stuff to people actually doing quests and fighting monsters haha, i made platinum league 1v1 my first 2 weeks of starcraftII, got a two second highscore on minesweeper on easy - TRY THAT LOL, developed an algorithm to teach anyone how to get astronomically highscores on the space cadet pinballs game that used to come with windows - i got 130 million high score it took me 3 days of playing (i paused every few hours to regain concentration), was 3rd best DOOM player in western new york at around 10? yrs old, countless other games ive mastered.. i play a game until i break it.

As far as online groups: COUNTLESS, quake1 alone i used to join 2-3 clans a day back in its hayday.....for all the groups ive been in etc, ive always been a dedicated USER/PLAYER, this would be my first stab at managing a server and a team of my own

Times during day likely to play: 17-24 EST on weekdays, as much as i can without destroying my social life on weekends. Sometimes I am away from very long time as my job prevents me from getting online sometimes. I also almost always sneak on around 0800 EST and 1200 EST for about 45 mins every weekday

How active do you predict you would be assuming enjoyment of the server:

What you like to do in SMP
: Mass resources, become a master of the environment!

Please post pictures of previous work if possible!! Hmm, well that should be coming on here eventually! when im not spending my time playing and TYPING to other players!! heh

Why you want to join this server?: Cause I paid for it so I could have my own WORLD that others play with me on!

Have you read the entirety of this post and taken it all to heart. understandin I don't just want a player who applies because "he needs a server" etc: of course Razz
Your In game name (important for me to promptly whitelist you upon possible acceptance, if desired): qh0rne!!

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PostSubject: Re: Qh0rnes application BIO   Qh0rnes application BIO EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 12:35 am

I wouldnt hire you.
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Posts : 37
Join date : 2011-10-04
Age : 26
Location : Minecraft

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PostSubject: Re: Qh0rnes application BIO   Qh0rnes application BIO EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 12:36 am

lol just kidding
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PostSubject: Re: Qh0rnes application BIO   Qh0rnes application BIO Empty

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Qh0rnes application BIO
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