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PostSubject: PHOTO TOUR OF NEW WORLD 09OCT2011   Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:48 pm

Long over due!
Here whats been going on!

Warning this world is by NO MEANS PRETTY YET
We are just working on functionality right now... RESOURCES!! Razz

awesome double lava blade spider/zomb grinder!!! ^5 LEET_OWNAGE!
Special Thanks to c_harper for running supplies!

Melon Farm! started by leet_ownage, finished by paulie!

Launch pad at the near skele grinder, original design credits to leet_ownage, adaptation made by me ;P

Im working on making rail go to everywhere of importance, in the future everone in our world will be riding minecarts ;P haha,... which is why im making the railway a two-lane highway!! ambitious!... rail A and rail B,... the two rails may probably end up having alternate exterior destinations but for the most part they will traffic the major avenues in tandem.

rail to far desert skele spawner

I Aesthetically altered the nether portal entrance....

Something needs to be done with this lol, im thinking remove it, it was just something built quickly when we first came to the island

My chicken Farm. If actively maintained this thing can produce an insane amount of eggs (=chickens=cooked chicken/feathers). It has 6 large chests built into the staircase to the collection point. I intend for them to be entirely filled with eggs.

Pressure plate on chicken farm collection point gives audio and visual alert when eggs are available, noteblock chime and piston used

My experimentation on if you could make a grinder room for a bonemeal'd mushroom in creative mode, was going to put it in the world if it worked,.. it doesnt, large shrooms vary in height and pistons dont destroy the cap blocks anyway

growing vault, need to sit down one day and figure out an optimal lay out.. i loved my old vault, you could stand in anyone spot and get/craft almost literally anything you need very swiftly

Another launch pad compliments of leet_ownage. 1)place cart. 2) get in. 3) push button. 4) Zoooooom!

Then we found a closer skele spawner!! Hey leet did you know this one doesnt worK?? haha we got a spacing wrong somewhere they dont go in the water lol, noone has even noticed we were so busy finding other spawners lol

leet_ownage's home by the farm island, needs sails (wool, got our spider grinder now so he should have some wool soon)

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