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 what happened on 10OCT11

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what happened on 10OCT11 Empty
PostSubject: what happened on 10OCT11   what happened on 10OCT11 EmptyMon Oct 10, 2011 11:03 pm

Today I mined a ton of sand with help from hiighlander/leet, 9 stacks of glass cooking as i speak.., about a large chest full more of sand

emptied the tree farm with leet, filled all the furnaces with stacks of coal

made some charcoal out of logs

explored in the nether, saw leets nether base at portal, collected soul sand and glowstone some netherrack..

explored and saw one of the underground fortresses, mined ore

learned i could just open multiple instances of minecraft to farm on diff accounts, has a bad way of taking up all the player slots i think ill just stick to leaving a slot open at all times if possible and leave the afk farming for overnight

changed the natural spawn point

learned a little MCedit and looked at schematics on

watched a noteblock device that plays fur elise, thought of making it in our world lol

saw we now got a cactus farm...

hiighlander made an additional large spider grinder by old natural spawn, near his temp tower home, allows for multiple afk string grinding

I still need to renovate the rail road system... we also dug a semi moat around the rail road in the desert so we could stop getting harrassed by mobs on the way to the skele spawner...

we should have a HUGE amount of arrows now, feel free to always have a stack on you the weapon is so OP!! haha, makes traveling/hunting a breeze

Cant think of what else is new just right now...

never make brown wool from wool and cocoa beans, always apply it to a sheep first and sheer it. cocoa is very rare, thus brown wool very rare, thus always only use cocoa on sheep first to get up to 3 brown wool per use!

and dont waste it on cookies ;P, eat a thousand melons/bread/mushroom stew if you get hungry ;P, or CAKE u bring the milk ill bring 20 stacks of eggs/wheat and suger Wink

some SS for the day:

we have a garbage disposal in the vault for those unaware, i mostly toss wheat seeds into it
what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_211118

pictures of the awesome house hiighlander put above the vault, looks WAAAAAAAAAAAY better! Hes doing an awesome job, even got the automatic refridgerator!!, push one button on the side, the door pops open, shoots food at you and closes the door in one motion!! AWESOME haha, if you werent going to put that in there I was ;P. House looks awesome from the outside to! good use of vines/leaves!.. btw, we can afford iron doors if it will fit the home style ;P
what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_211106what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_210942what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_210936what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_211044

cooking meth in the vault, think we may need a new layer of furnaces up top
what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_210916

the cactus farm, fully automated
what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_211002

Chickens sometimes escape from the chicken farm, I SHOW THEM NO MERCY!!
what happened on 10OCT11 2011-10-10_081756

missing pictures from all the new mob grinders!! big props to everyone who worked on them! The resources we got from it has a lasting impact for the rest of the game!
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what happened on 10OCT11
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