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 Welcome vexedvinx!!

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Welcome vexedvinx!! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome vexedvinx!!   Welcome vexedvinx!! EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 9:21 am

Whitelisted vexedvinx yesterday and me, christina and leet got to meet her.

A little bit about her:

Minecraft experience:
I have been playing since the first few beta stages (can't exactly remember when). I love to build big elaborate projects along with much smaller ones. I've constructed everything from houses, to farms, and mob traps. Under water bases, towns, castles, and elaborate castle walls.

Ability to learn if inexperienced:
I like to consider myself quite experienced, but if there is something that I do not know I usually catch on rather quickly.

I am 18, and very soon to be 19.

willingness to use voice chat (yes/explain why not):
When I am at home playing and have access to my mic I'm all up for using mumble to voice chat with others, however I'm also comfortable typing. I'll use it if others are on.

willingness to participate on a forum for the server (yes/explain why not:
I'm much more of a forum lurker than I am a forum user. I'll read posts, but I will generally only reply to a thread or start a thread if I have something I think will contribute to the conversation/discussion. If need be I will try and regularly use a forum to keep in contact with players/share ideas/ect.

Minecraft strengths:
I am good at organizing and completing projects. I do not like to leave things unfinished, I also have a strong sense of aesthetics when it comes to building projects. I don't like to leave redstone uncovered, or ore/coal veins in underground rooms. I like everything uniform and presentable.

minecraft weaknesses:
Creepers. The little buggers have and always will be the bane of my existence. I don't have the abbility to detect them like most people do, so they end up sneaking up on me while I'm building and either destroying me or a piece of a project that I am working on. I can light up a whole room/area and somehow they still manage to get me. Otherwise, if I spot them before they explode, I'm peachy keen.

Other game experiences or online groups past/present:
I've played many an MMO, and even GM'd on a p-server of one particular online game (if you'd like me to go into further detail on this please let me know and I'd be more than happy to PM you about it). I'm also currently playing through Fable III, FFV, and Plants Vs. Zombies, along with a few other games here and there. I enjoy everything from RPGs to sandboxes and strategies.

Times during day likely to play:
I play between classes, on days that I'm off, and usually later in the evenings/night. Generally I play whenever I'm free and feel like playing Minecraft. I do have other games and hobbies that I do/play, but Minecraft has always been a passion.

How active do you predict you would be assuming enjoyment of the server:
If the people are kind and talkative, I'd be willing to bet that I'd be on a majority of the time. Really it depends upon how well I'd get along with the other people on the server. I enjoy a mature atmosphere that includes little to no trolling attitude.

What you like to do in SMP:
I like to build, survive, thrive, and have a good time. I like building things with other people, explore caves and mines, look for rare ore, play with redstone... I basically just like to play the game to its fullest extent.

Please post pictures of previous work if possible!!
A thread containing some of some of my work:

Why you want to join this server?:
I'm looking for a server that has a lovely, small, and close community to play with. Playing Minecraft alone is fine and all, but its always more enjoyable with friends.

Have you read the entirety of this post and taken it all to heart. understandin I don't just want a player who applies because "he needs a server" etc:
Yes, I have taken this all to heart. I don't necessarily need a server to play on, I just think that it would help me to have more fun while I play a game that I generally enjoy playing.

Your In game name (important for me to promptly whitelist you upon possible acceptance, if desired):

She has already begun work on her house and it looks great! Can't wait to see what else she does!

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Welcome vexedvinx!!
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