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 semi-automatic red/yellow flower and seed generator

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semi-automatic red/yellow flower and seed generator Empty
PostSubject: semi-automatic red/yellow flower and seed generator   semi-automatic red/yellow flower and seed generator EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 4:01 am

this shall be a very simple, relatively small design...
with very complex redstone circuitry Smile haah circuits prob take more space then the actual farm....

essentially a small grass area flushable by 1-2 pistons, a switch that activates the pistons on and off repeatedly till you turn it off.
throw the switch, watch as water flushes out for just a little bit... then goes away, plant bone meal, water flushes, goes away, plant bonemeal, repeat till you have enough of what you want Razz. The grass area will be no bigger than bone meal can produce grass/flowers, and some way to allow you to 'target' onto the middle square when bonemealing

me and leet did this as a team, manually and it works great... having a machine to do it with one person would be nice Smile

I like alot of red wool! Razz
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semi-automatic red/yellow flower and seed generator
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