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PostSubject: READ ME! IMPORTANT! Sunday 17 OCT - WEEKEND "NEWS LETTER"   READ ME! IMPORTANT! Sunday 17 OCT - WEEKEND "NEWS LETTER" EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 2:02 am

Long post but important stuff, up late so forgive grammar/spelling/cohesion/structure/organization..this is a brain dump! THANKS!

BIGGEST THING: We have SEVERAL corrupt chunks in our world now. If you dont go 'exploring' you wont find them though. Looking at the world in MCEDIT there is TONS of already explored land untouched by mining. There is no need to explore for that purpose. It doesnt really benefit us to explore much. Yes the world is infinite but it comes at a price!!. Exploring makes the world file very unweildy any chunk fixes will take a huge amount of down time while it thinks (i spent about 4 hours learning MCedit and trying to get it right, tried one big cut and paste fail, tried using small cut and pastes but sooo tedious then i realized i left the server running anyways so hiighlander had made changes already that would have been lost). I tried this weekend and got frustrated, figured if we just dont go far out there will be no probs. Bottom line is: NO EXPLORING IN THE 'NORMAL" WORLD (as opposed to nether/ender) FOR NOW UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED!!

ONCE AGAIN: DO NOT KILL ANY ANIMALS!!! Other than chickens. Since this world has started it was my goal to have a TON of animals already in the farm when 1.9 hits so that it would just EXPLODE with animals and we would be AHEAD of the game... at this rate it looks like after 1.9 hits we will just be dicking around trying to lead animals across huge distances, personally ill just be shoving their asses in minecarts anyways, once you get a track to a animal rich area its very quick after that... then just pull up the tracks with water later, easy.

Those are the two important parts, everything else that follows is just what was worked on:

We spent a lot of time clearing out the farms, making things look better, better organized the vault, aesthetically improved the vault, I worked on clearing out all the mobs from around the slime chunks but to very little avail... 1 slime found... I killed a bit of other slime that dropped nothing! aaarggh!

I had to let go of RocketPSI for a bunch of reasons (computer issues, play-time difficulties with parents, no mic, no forum registration, inexperienced.. i just wasnt thrilled about having him after working with him for a bit and seeing how it would go), we also took down his 'house' (square wooden box by the lake everyone was wondering about),

WE FINISHED OUR STATUES THIS WEEKEND!!!, There is a surprise BEHIND the statues you guys (and gals!) should check out!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Me and Christina were having fun and the results are awesome Razz walk around the very edges of the farm island with far render distance on if you dont know where the statues are at Smile (its by the boat and swimming IS involved, bring a boat!). Right now they also serve as our homes so come on in!!

I redid hiighlanders large spider grinder. Everyone should check it out. I used the same cactus method leet used on his but I also took a crack at making a water ladder, cause why not! ;P, once you get used to using it - its way faster than a ladder! LOL, even though the spider spawner isnt too far below but oh well! I spent alot of time on it!

I will very likely be using this design for greater distance drops. Prob at the -300,-300 6slime farm as I have named it for its use of 6 conjoining slime spawning chunks. We also spent alot of time this weekend using f3 to find mobs and root them all out of that whole area with torches so that the slime will hopefully spawn instead of other mobs

Redid the cactus farm, personally i think it looks better (redid the textures), christina thinks it looks 'alot' better ;P, and of course, i want to add a noteblock melody for drops in the cactus farm... I want all the diff farms (that will have one) to have a distinct melody Razz, I already know the chicken farm one by heart hahah. Unfortunately in the process i washed up a bit of the flower dye machine hiighlander if you could take a look at it, i think i got the timings back how they were....

we decided on having giant mushrooms in the main farm area it looks awesome! cant wait till i see tons of sheep 'baaaa'ing' around them!. We also brainstorming how we want to light the farm up, torches are just hideously strewn about at the moment, we thought of glowstone we thought of lava/glass,... just experimenting on what may look good at the will need alot of sufficient lighting throughout its a huge space.

leet wants to make a block:pixel scale pig statue in the same fashion as me and christina did our skins, he wants to put it by his mansion, i think it would look cool if the pig was standing in one of the lakes by the farm island ;P, like a giant piggy about to roll around in his giant piggy mud pond Razz. It would get alot more visibility from all the other players that way, whereas behind his mansion everyone wont get to see the hardwork as much!

I will be constructing the cain farm inbetween the cactus and melon farm, perfect size slot for it in the little farm 'grid' we got going on above ground. no need to waste space on the island we still got a barn a silo and i think a windmill coming (compliments of hiighlander). Hiigh puts alot of work into this world and attention to detail for everyones benefit! - just think how much better the island looks now with that home above the vault!! Talk to him and you will know he always has a list of big plans going on in his head!

Asside from personal homes, our team focus right now is still resources!!. Slime farms that wont work is one issue, we could really use unlimited slime for more advanced mechanisms and farms with sticky pistons. Animals! thats a big resources!, if you want to spend iron making rails to go get animals, DO IT! we can always pull up the tracks later!!!!, and we will NEED more tracks anyway as hiighlanders rail system gets underway, besides, other than armor, not much practical use for the MASS god-like amounts of ore leet pulls in! You cant say its good for tools cause leet also pulls in enough diamonds for everyone to use diamond tools exclusively! If your not working on your home, gathering resources or making/improving on resource farms, the 3rd focus is AESTHETICS.. there are alot of things we built that just look like ass... they were finished and forgotten!.... WE NEED TO GO THE EXTRA DISTANCE!, no project is ever done! add finishing touches!, align textures!, The game and world is so much more beautiful and fun when everything just LOOKS awesome! Razz
Im also guilty of this but me and christina went through and touched up on alot of things!, even just simple things like making a uniform texture down a water drop for example. Tired of throwing up in my mouth while passing through dirt/gravel/stone/cobblestone/open air hell even wood in some places on the way down to things! haha, i mean cmon lets start to take more pride in how things look!, its all the tiny little details that add up to an awesome world you can just stroll around and look at everything and be proud of Razz

All i can think of for now, sorry there are no pics its getting late and monday is here! Go see the stuff for yourself!

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PostSubject: Re: READ ME! IMPORTANT! Sunday 17 OCT - WEEKEND "NEWS LETTER"   READ ME! IMPORTANT! Sunday 17 OCT - WEEKEND "NEWS LETTER" EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 12:25 pm

I agree... a lot of good ideas but things need to look good as well or it is not finished. Having a lot of unfinished projects makes the world confusing. I think we all want to make a world that we can be proud of. Very Happy Highlander, I have enjoyed working on projects with you. You're doing a great job. LEET, thanks for all the diamond and resources. You definitely have a knack for mining. Also, awesome house on the hill. Smile
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