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 Clearing Farms - A daily chore!

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Clearing Farms - A daily chore! Empty
PostSubject: Clearing Farms - A daily chore!   Clearing Farms - A daily chore! EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 9:22 am

We have a big community vault for every ones use. Tons of resources at your disposal!
Part of that is just good manners!
If you play for about 4 hours one day and have not at least cleaned out one of the farms, you are hurting the rest of us!
This goes for mainly the wheat/tree farm.
I keep hearing mention of needing a bigger wheat farm but a) would prob have to build a secondary or remove the old, we cant expand the current one much... well... maybe... b) I see the farm filled with ripe wheat all the time! If that farm was emptied every time it was ready we would have way more food than we need! I think there is a predisposition to just wanting FOOD always available without having to work on cropping it! haha. If we are actually using the farm while online and its ready, and its still not enough? DEFINITELY we shall work right away on a bigger one! Right now just so many other projects to work on!

I wouldnt even be mad if all you got spare time for is just clear HALF the tree farm if you got time! Just make sure its replanted! Tree is important for a TON of base crafting ingredients as well as charcoal fuel for yet more smelting/crafting!... not to mention flat-out building with pure logs etc... Right now we are doing pretty good but we need to keep it up! Razz
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Clearing Farms - A daily chore!
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