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 Hiighlander's list of upcoming projects and ideas

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Hiighlander's list of upcoming projects and ideas Empty
PostSubject: Hiighlander's list of upcoming projects and ideas   Hiighlander's list of upcoming projects and ideas EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 8:11 pm

Hey! Just thought I'd list the few things ive been pondering of doing, as i am constantly thinking up new tidbits, and having trouble keep up with them. anyways here is a list, feel free to help in any way you want Very Happy

1) Epic mansion above vault (still not finished 100%, so top of list)
2) Barn with PLENTY of cows/sheep (i could care less about pigs lol)
3) a food silo, that ironically, gives US food, not the animals. is going to instantly cook any animal we throw in there. mwuahahaha.
4) Moat and drawbridge/sliding doors around island
5) track system that links all the world's highlights, such as the mob tower qhorne is building, a stronghold or two, other houses/cities scattered thruout the world, and so on
6) a Nether Portal system that links those far away places to within reach. portals ftw
7) a floating town/fishing village designed by me. leave me to this when i get to it, i wanna design it my way. thanks
Cool a massive northern-themed village with mead hall directly above the largest of the strongholds. this will be my own home.
9) I have designed a modest yet artistic lantern for the overworld, so instead of torches we can place these posts now and again. a prototype is at Khorne Island.
10) going to build a really cool bandit-like base by the desert for sand gathering. thought it'd be a nice touch.
11) going to extend kitchen in the house to make room for new POTIONS!! WOO!!
12) obviously, with the nether getting a complete work-out, i am uneasy about building it in, so i will make simple portals going oh so far, but once its rebooted, I will have mob killing stations/grinders, and possibly deck out a nether stronghold for living in. should be epic.
13) Going to COMPLETELY redo the dock by the ocean. that thing is a piece of crap. going to have mechanical ports, extra boats, and look A LOT snazzier. cuz thats how i roll.
14) going to build another floor to the farm, have it be a REALLY TECHNICAL cobblestone farm, that almost makes it too easy. not that we NEED cobble, but it IS a farm, and i figure we might as well go all out. but this is for later.
15) Going to EXTEND the current wheat farm. sure, we have about 150 bread stocked up, but if building continues, we could run short fast. so at least triple the output of wheat, and we should be good.
16) that stronghold under the northern village? going to completely refurnish it, and of course booby trap it, make it a cool little dungeon for any willing to take a shot at it.
17) this should be up higher...i forgot...INDIVIDUAL pens for each type of animal. our barn just wont be big enough, so we need to section of land masses for our future stocking of deli meats Very Happy

thats all I can think of atm...old ideas will certainly come back to me, and new ones will jump me any second now. if you got ideas of your own, particularly ones that can help my plans, dont hesitate to add.
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Hiighlander's list of upcoming projects and ideas
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