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 1.9.6/RC2+ Slime tower!!

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PostSubject: 1.9.6/RC2+ Slime tower!!    Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:16 am

There is now no height restriction on slime spawning within a slime chunk.


You know what this means?? Hahaha... We can build a SLIME TOWER FROM BEDROCK TO SKY HAHAHAHA

NOW NOW, I know what you are thinking, qhorne, F%]^ that! I'm not building another GD tower!
But wait and consider how much FUN it will be to BLAST through SIX CHUNKS OF EARTH with all mighty TNT!!!

Only prob is.... It's in an ocean!!! But that's actually a FEATURE a's there is less surrounding caves and surface land to clear!! We could have the first 20,000 slime/ hour SLIME TOWER !!! Maybe more if we maximimize spawning area and a super efficient channeling killin and collection system!, IT'S SIX CHUNKS!! lol
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1.9.6/RC2+ Slime tower!!
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