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 Whitelisted: Nedst3r

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PostSubject: Whitelisted: Nedst3r   Whitelisted: Nedst3r EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 6:49 pm

Minecraft experience: I've been playing since Beta 1.2_02.

Ability to learn if inexperienced: Absolutely, although I think I'm pretty good with most things.

Age: 24

Willingness to use voice chat: Yes, it is usually much easier to understand what people are trying to say and typing can get old.

Willingness to participate on a forum for the server: Yes, however I usually only post if I have something to add to a conversation.

Minecraft strengths: I'm pretty good with most things: redstone, mob traps, mining, exploring. This forum is a great resoure if I have design questions or ideas. I have a tendency to be very utilitarian in my layouts. I also like to keep my impact on visible terrain to a minimum.

Minecraft weaknesses: A lot of my buildings are not very aesthetic and are built more for use than as something to be admired. I am getting better about this though. Sometimes I'll leave a project unfinished and go work on something else for a while but most of my projects get done eventually.

Other game experiences or online groups: A friend and I ran a private server. I also play a wide variety of games, just about everything action oriented except RPGs. I especially enjoyed the early Battlefield series and early Need for Speed series and more recently Shift.

Times during the day likely to play: Afternoon and evenings PST or when time allows.

How active do you predict you would be assuming enjoyment of the server: If I can get along with people, hopefully as much as I can.

What you like to do in SMP: As much as I can. I like to help people building things when I have no ideas of my own.

Previous work: My most aesthetic building that isn't even my design. Space Needle

Why you want to join this server?: I would like to join this server because I enjoy working with people on projects and I would like to get a taste of multiplayer with more people.

Have you read the entirety of this post and taken it all to heart: Absolutely, I really enjoyed the CoOp aspect of the server that my friend and I ran and wish there were more servers that offered CoOp.

Your In game name: nedst3r
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PostSubject: Re: Whitelisted: Nedst3r   Whitelisted: Nedst3r EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 7:55 pm

Hey, thanks for accepting me see you all on the server
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Whitelisted: Nedst3r
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