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 ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info

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PostSubject: ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info   Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:43 pm

Welcome to the World Eaters MC server forum

The intent of this forum is to keep players in touch and aware of what is going on in the world even if they have been offline or people get on at different times.

If you have made it this far it probably means that I felt you were a good candidate to be a resident on my world, World Eaters.

In general new players have a 1 week trial to assess how or if they will fit in. Attitude/disposition/maturity play a tremendous part in this. As does your ability to work with a team, communicate, building skills, aesthetic awareness....

Should for whatever reason it be determined you do not really fit in a copy of the world will be made available to you so as to not have lost any work building, its really the most I can do unfortunately I cant promise I accept people and I cant give someone their time back :/ I do give feedback during the process to let you know how you are doing.

I am very selective about who plays on the server because myself and others put a lot of effort into it. Its my hobby and it is also a labor of love. I also want to foster a strong community no matter how small it starts out as at first. Ultimately I want to select players that I know I can play with for days, months, years? I just may keep a world that long or longer!! Depends how awesome it is, how much love was put into it. I have thought of making a new world but our buildings and work would DEFINITELY be imported into it.

The following are some examples that will contribute negative points against you.

-Inability to follow administrative instructions
-Inability to follow administrative guidance within the first 5 minutes of being on the server
-Inability to adapt to the servers 'play style' -no outlandish 'unrealistic' structures example poke mon pixel art or an X-wing space craft
-Inability to provide any constructive effort, or severe lack of play time
-Inability to communicate with others, or realize this is a team-based cooperative server
-Inability to understand what it means to be in a team
-Inability to operate independently without messing up the work of others or overall quality of the world
-Using hacks/xray mods anything that would make your playtime NON legit, if you are unsure about this just ask or use the common sense test.
-This includes minimaps, I do not condone them :/, sorry but I loved the feel of being deserted in a strange land and you have to find and explore your way around. Makes it feel very cheesy and diminishes the experience when im doing that and all the player around me can see everything anyway
-General lack of maturity. Early teens are at a severe disadvantage in this department. I am 30 years old and more gaming experience than they have been alive Sad I don't discriminate against them but Its usually not long before it ends up becoming a problem. Its my server, I work hard for it and I play hard hard sometimes, I am serious about having things the way I would like them to be.
-Use hacks and lie about using them. If you use them or are used to using them just say it, don't try to hide it. Yes I willl make you not use them and/or kick you but if you lie that is a definite kick. Especially if you feel the need to gloat about the advantage it has given you as if it was your own skills that did it. I will find out eventually. Don't f* with my world and ruin the legitimate experience for everyone else. If I needed someone to cheat I can just use server commands to get what I want.
-griefing. Honestly we have had no known griefing. My selection process is usually good enough that up until this point I have not admitted anyone to the server that has turned out to be a griefer. griefing exhibits morals and an attitude that is the opposite of what I seek in my team members.

Of course if you ever have any questions about what myself or the team expects of you as a new player, ASK! We don't expect new players to be psychic either! We also don't need someone too afraid to ask about how to fit in. If you made it this far you are in the 'family' for the time being. Feel at home FROM THE START! That is probably the best way to fit right in... so long as you are not making yourself at home on OTHERS projects destroying or deciding to 'make them better' when you really end up making it bad/worse or did not understand the function of it. Basically just never touch anyone else creations without asking.

Things that earn you positive points:

-having good ideas/plans
-good communication
-team player
-'family' attitude, my server is your server people, in a way I serve you by working to provide a good experience, you serve me by being a valued player, in the end we both profit
-awesome building and/or redstone skills
-good awareness to aesthetics
-common sense
-If you can't build anything constructive, or cant build anything that looks good, helping others is extremely helpfull!!!. I honestly wouldnt even care to have a player that can't build if so long as instead they were a motivated team player that helps out. Or even just mines and farms.. I mean,... everyone has the ability to do positive things for the team! I dont expect every player to be a god of minecraft, although i do expect an AWESOME look and feel to the world as its built....
-Not being selfish... with both your time and resources. Together we can all accomplish much greater things. If you think you are more valuable than the team, well, you are not valuable to the server! I *DO* want to give people the freedom to collect and build their own private things, but sense must be made in doing so, run whatever ideas you have through the rest of the team. For example, you decide to build a house in area X, however area X was designated for the site of a future project in a much grander scale... you just failed to communicate, wasted your time, building materials, etc.....I just ask that people use common sense in being a part of a team and I don't really know how to best describe it, some just have it some don't.

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PostSubject: Re: ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info   Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:19 pm

This sounds like you took some of our older members and went "ok this is what THEY did, and they are gone, so DONT DO THAT STUFF"
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PostSubject: Re: ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info   Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:37 pm

Pretty much Smile
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PostSubject: Re: ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info   

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ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: Server rules and other info
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