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PostSubject: Whitelisted: prophecylike    Whitelisted: prophecylike  EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 6:50 pm

Minecraft experience:8 months of building (not very good)pvping and mining and Crafting Very Happy
Ability to learn if inexperienced:Very efficient with learning if I make a mistake 9/10 I will never make that mistake again.
willingness to use voice chat (yes/explain why not):I am willing because I can't stand typing always seems like theres a ton of conversations going on and you can't get a word in without someone saying something right after you type something so no one sees what you just said
willingness to participate on a forum for the server (yes/explain why not:Yes I am because I want to keep up with whats going on with the server and help every member out Very Happy
Minecraft strengths:Mining because I have did so much research over the months that I have played minecraft I learned how to branch mine and tips and tricks to mine for example: If you do 3 blocks forward then 3 blocks to the right then 3 blocks to the next right you can see whats in the middle and on the outside without having to mine the whole thing so branch mining is quick efficient and gets you lots of ore and stone! My other minecraft strength is PvPing I have always been good against other players in other games such as Warhammer and WoW and I've learned lots of ways to beat other players for example in minecraft if you strafe rather right or left while centering your crosshair in the middle it makes the person you're fighting almost impossible to hit you! I only PvP when it's nesscary though for example:When you catch someone griefing/stealing even if it's not yours you wanna try to defend them if it's against the rules or if someone starts hitting me.
minecraft weaknesses:Building nice things
Other game experiences or online groups past/present:When I was 9 I started playing World of Warcraft and still have my account active til today and I am 15 now But I have played other games such as EQ2,AoC and warhammer. I have a Rift account open Atm so if I am not on the server more then likely im on that or at school Very Happy.
Times during day likely to play:3 pm-1am but during the weekends I like to play alot more then that probably from 12 pm to 5 am Razz
How active do you predict you would be assuming enjoyment of the server:If I like the server and enjoy it i'll probably get addicted and you will never see me off the server:P
What you like to do in SMP:I like SMP because of the people and the teamwork that goes on with it.
Please post pictures of previous work if possible!!Well im not that good so I don't take many but my mineshafts look incredible Very Happy but I don't have any unfortuately
Why you want to join this server?:I want to join this server because I have been looking for a small tight knit group wanting to progress the servers content in building but doing it legitly in a vanilla setting
Have you read the entirety of this post and taken it all to heart. understandin I don't just want a player who applies because "he needs a server" etc:I have read every word by word and I saw an example of your application and read that whole thing to and I see that you want mature respondsible people that want to expand there abilities and make friends I also learned that you dont like skinny applications you want real beefy ones to learn what the person is like so I tried to fill this application as much as I can Very Happy
Your In game name (important for me to promptly whitelist you upon possible acceptance, if desired):prophecylike
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PostSubject: Re: Whitelisted: prophecylike    Whitelisted: prophecylike  EmptyFri Nov 18, 2011 8:40 pm

I like this guy's App Very Happy
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Whitelisted: prophecylike
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